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Saratoga Springs Mayor Ron Kim and City Council Commissioners Golub, Moran & Sanghvi & Saratoga County Supervisor Tara Gaston Endorse Kristen Dart for Saratoga Springs Public Safety Commissioner

September 11, 2023

Kristen Dart is a life-long democrat running for Commissioner of Public Safety in Saratoga Springs on the Community First line in the city's general election on November 7th. She believes in putting community first and that elected officials should be accountable to the community. We are standing here today at the bench dedicated to her grandfather, Clarence Dart, Sr. who was awarded two purple hearts as a Tuskegee Airmen who fought in WWII. The Tuskegee Airmen were the first African American flying unit in the US military, when the military was still segregated. Kristen’s grandfather often spoke of the airmen’s goal of achieving “Double Victory” which stood for “Victory Abroad and Victory at Home.” According to the National Museum of African American History & Culture, “Victory Abroad championed military success against fascism overseas, and Victory at Home demanded equality for African Americans in the United States.”  

As a tireless advocate for equality and justice, Kristen is proud to follow in her Grandfather’s footsteps at home, here in Saratoga Springs. In 2020, after the murder of George Floyd, she served on the city's Police Reform Task Force. She knows that stronger communities keep everyone safer. She’s running on safe and complete streets, community-centered justice, and an integrated approach to housing insecurity. Currently, Kristen chairs the inaugural Civilian Review Board and is a member of the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee. Kristen has expertise in both nonprofit and government settings, with a focus on legislation and public policy. She was the Director of Legislative Affairs for Mayor Jorge Elorza of Providence, RI and Deputy Director of Policy for the Rhode Island House of Representatives. Kristen is currently the Vice President of Political Affairs for Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts. 


Endorsement from Mayor Ron Kim: “I have known Kristen for almost 20 years and she has the experience, aptitude and compassion to be the Commissioner of Public Safety at this critical time in our City’s history. I believe years from now, we will recognize that electing Kristen Dart as the next Commissioner of Public Safety was decisive in making Saratoga Springs a safer, more equitable community for everyone.” 


Endorsement from Commissioner of Public Works, Jason Golub: “Kristen is the right choice for Saratoga Springs Commissioner of Public Safety. A  life-long Saratogian, Kristen is an innate community leader who brings years of policy experience to the role. She will be a bridge builder with police and community groups. She has the vision and experience to ensure a safer Saratoga for all residents.” 


Endorsement from Commissioner of Accounts, Dillon Moran: “I know Kristen Dart, I know what her work ethic is, I know that she has the appropriate mindset and experience for the position. More than that though, she has the empathy necessary to carry us forward as we deal with the challenges to come. I am proud to offer my endorsement for Commissioner of Public Safety and strongly urge all Saratogians to support her in the upcoming election.”


Endorsement from Commissioner of Finance, Minita Sanghvi: "Kristen is a tireless advocate for our community and would make a great addition to our city council. Her work and her service on the police reform task force and civilian review board give her a unique perspective for the job."


Kristen’s Statement: "I am honored to have the support of the current City Council members. In their year and half in office they have had significant success. I look forward to working with them on the issues that impact public safety and the city's growth as a whole.” 

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